Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rimbaud Brothers

Rimbaud Brothers is a lovely little chapbook by Jose Correa. It features artwork and text (in French) of Rimbaud's "spiritual brothers" such as Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Jim Morrison, Billy the Kid, Antonin Artuad and quite a few others. Mine is number 846 of 1000.

This edition appears to be part of a series, published by Alain Beaulet.

I bought my copy from the French eBay site.


  1. Nice blog here! Lots of books I haven't heard of. Thanks!

    You'll probably want to check out my friend's review of a new Rimbaud related book, DISASTER WAS MY GOD: HERE. (I used a part of your Billy the Kid / Rimbaud scan in it.)

    Also likely to be of interest to you, a history (of sorts) that I wrote about the recently discovered Aden photo: HERE.

  2. Thanks, Tyler. I haven't finished adding all my Rimbaud books yet - but I'm getting there.

    I very much enjoyed "Disaster Was My God". I do need to buy the Richard Hell novel. I bought his "Go Now" years ago and enjoyed it.

    Fascinating detective work regarding the new Rimbaud photo! I like to believe it's him ... but commonsense tells me it's probably not.

  3. I'll be posting more about the photo sometime in the future (months from now).

    Just wanted to let you know that if you don't already have it, Jamie James' Rimbaud in Java: The Lost Voyage (just published in October) is quite beautiful; so far (I just started!) it's very promising... A part of Rimbaud's life that's barely been touched on by other writers. Exciting!

  4. Look forward to further discussion re photo!

    I bought Rimbaud in Java a few weeks ago and found it very well done. Being an Australian, I fantasise that perhaps Rimbaud ventured even further south and maybe set foot in Australia. Unlikely, but possible!

    I wrote to Jamie James and sent him by book of prose poems about Rimbaud. He wrote back and thanked me. Seems like a lovely fellow.