Friday, 22 April 2011


I found this gem in a second-hand bookstore in Stockholm, Sweden. (Online, of course.) It features around a dozen essays on Rimbaud from the likes of Yves Bonnefoy, Etiemble, Antoine Adam and Maurice Nadeau. Unfortunately they're in French, so I can't read them.

However, that doesn't matter, because what mainly drew me to this book is that it's packed with drawings, paintings, facsimilies and even quite a few tipped-in coloured plates - a real smorgasbord for the eyes.

Among my favourite portraits are those of Fernand Leger (above) and Pablo Picasso (below)

If you can locate a copy of this book, I highly recommend it - whether you can read the French or not. Along with the Album Rimbaud it is the best book when it comes to photographs, drawings and paintings. But good luck in finding a copy!

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