Friday, 22 April 2011

The Book of Rimbaud

Chapbook of prose poems by Keith Abbott, published by New Rivers Press in 1977. 46 pages. One of only 750 copies.

The author says that in 1972 he became interested in "certain psychic phenomena" and these poems, apparently written in a trance-like state, are the result of that interest.


Rimbaud lifted the curtain of green grass and showed me the feet, brown and muddy, that were marching underneath. The boots were ripped and tattered, leather scraps wound carefully around the tops to hold them close to the legs, and just as I was about to reach out and touch them, I found my hand resting on a small square of green turf.

The book also includes a portrait of Rimbaud, though there's no mention of who made it. Perhaps the author, himself?

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